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after abortion support

Having an abortion is an emotional experience. Many women indicate having feelings of guilt, grief, depression and even shame .If the medical procedure was difficult, a woman may develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and may even have flashbacks of the experience. In some circles, abortion carries a social stigma leaving women feeling alone and depressed. While grief and guilt may not result in long-term harm; PTSD, depression and anxiety can worsen and have a lasting impact if not dealt with which will affect your ability to move on and maintain healthy relationships. We are here to help you through the healing process. 

These are safe and non-judgmental groups of women who have personally experienced abortion or have been deeply affected by this choice. You can talk to someone one-on-one or join one of our confidential post-abortion support groups. 

hope and healing

Participating in a support group or seeking an online community enables a woman to be vulnerable in a safe space and share her emotions with others who have had the same experience. These groups focus on the individual’s unique experience, empowering her to reclaim her sense of self once again.

If you’re dealing with unresolved feelings after having an abortion, contact Bridge. We can refer you to a group that will help you reclaim a feeling of well-being enabling you to move forward with your life choices.

Contact our center for more information. We value your privacy. All calls, messages, and appointments are confidential.  

Abortion Recovery

Helping women, men, and families recover after an abortion decision

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Find hope and healing from your abortion at post-abortion recovery.

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