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Before you make an abortion appointment or try to navigate parenting plans, make an appointment with Bridge first. We provide free pregnancy tests, options consultations, including information on abortion, and can offer a referral for a free ultrasound so you can both know for sure.


Although the decision is ultimately up to her, knowing how you really feel about the pregnancy and being a dad helps her make a fully informed choice. It empowers her and you. Leave all your cards on the table. If you want to continue your relationship together – tell her. If you’re excited (and also a little scared) – tell her. She deserves to hear from you because she is making a decision that will impact your life too.

Support for men & Dads

An informed decision is an empowered decision. You both deserve to learn all the facts and find support and care.  We share evidence-based information on pregnancy and abortion. We will answer questions about your options and talk through how each decision can impact your future. You can also learn more about the different types of parenting options and talk to one of our care consultants about what comes next.

Is She Pregnant?

Abortion information and pregnancy options for men & partners

What You Can Do


  • Listen. Let her discuss her feelings and concerns. Her future and her body will be changing, and she needs to be able to talk to you, and she needs your support now more than ever.

  • Stay Calm. The situation involves more than just the two of you becoming parents. While both of your futures will change, there are now three lives to think about. Remember, the unexpected is not always bad; it’s just unintended and needs to be discussed and prepared for.

  • Talk About It. In addition to each other, talk with your families and others close to the situation. Many times your pregnancy affects them as well. Having a good support system will decrease your stress and what is better than having family and friends there for you.

    Gather the Facts. Learn about your options and the support services available to you both during and after pregnancy. Bridge Women’s Support Center’s care consultants are available to discuss your options and provide assistance in a compassionate and supportive environment.

  • Talk Honestly. It’s OK to be angry, frustrated, and unsure. Having a baby is a major life change. However, she needs your support – to know she’s not alone. Remember, the decisions you make now will always be with you so be informed.


  • Don’t Walk Away. She didn’t get pregnant by herself. You are an equal partner, and the worst thing you could do is step away from the situation and let her deal with it herself.

  • Don’t Pressure Her. Whatever decision is to be made, needs to be made together, after all you got into this situation together.

  • Don’t Forget. This pregnancy affects you as much as her in how it will change and alter your life’s path so make sure to speak honestly and openly about your thoughts.

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