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Pregnancy Support & Material Assistance: How Bridge Women's Support Center is Helping Women in Need

If you're a parent or caregiver in New York City struggling to make ends meet, you may wonder where you can turn for help. Bridge provides the most extensive material assistance program in NY, offering free clothing and supplies from pregnancy (maternity) to age 10 for babies and kids. Whether you need diapers, formula, or clothes for your little ones, Bridge can provide emergency items you may need without requiring you to sign up for classes or meet any other requirements.

What Kind of Free Resources Do You Offer?

During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and in need of material assistance, Bridge can help. We offer a wide range of maternity clothes, including tops, pants, dresses, and more. Additionally, they provide baby gear such as strollers, bassinets, and portable cribs. We also offer breastfeeding supplies, including breast pumps and nursing bras.

Baby-Toddler Years

For parents of babies and toddlers, Bridge provides everything from diapers and wipes to formula and baby food. We also offer a range of baby gear, including car seats, high chairs, and playpens. Clothing options include onesies, sleepers, and outfits for both boys and girls.

Young Children

If you have young children up to age 10, Bridge can help with various clothing and supply needs. We provide clothing for both boys and girls, including pants, shirts, dresses, and more. We also offer shoes, socks, and other accessories to keep your little ones comfortable and stylish.

Older Children

If you need assistance for children over the age of 10 (or children who wear youth sizes), Bridge can still help. While we primarily focus on babies and young children, we occasionally receive larger sizes and may be able to provide a referral for you. Additionally, we may have connections to other organizations in the community that can help meet your needs.

Is Anything Required of Me?

While we offer programs, classes, and one-on-one education and can provide additional resources, we provide emergency care kits with no obligation or requirements. Contact us directly at Call (718) 463-1810 or Text (516) 387-2055 for more information on how we can assist you and your family.

What If I Think I’m Pregnant?

We can help you, too! We provide free pregnancy test kits, referrals for free ultrasounds at a nearby center, options consultations, abortion, adoption, and parenting information, and other community and medical referrals. We are not a medical facility, but we can provide the resources and answers you need to make an informed choice and find compassionate, confidential care. Make an appointment to learn more.

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