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in Queens New York

Learn more about the abortion pill, abortion procedures, and all your pregnancy options.

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At your first appointment, we provide:


  • Free Pregnancy Test Kits

    If the test is positive, we can provide referrals for free ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy. An ultrasound is needed to determine which options are available to you. 


  • Consultations on Your Options by Trimester

    Learn more about the abortion pill, abortion procedures, adoption, and parenting options. Take the time you need to explore all your options in a pressure-free environment. We do not profit from any decision you make.

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Considering Abortion?​

Things to Note: A medication abortion (the abortion pill) is FDA-approved up to 70 days after your last menstrual period. The type and cost of surgical abortions available to you depend on multiple factors including how far along you are. An ultrasound can determine viability and give you the information you need to plan your next steps.

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Get the Facts On:


The abortion pill (chemical/medication abortion) or
surgical abortion procedures and what's available by trimester



Open, closed, or semi-open adoptions and legal rights for pregnant women



Free services and resources for single or co-parents and what to expect


Para Las Mujeres.

Si se enfrenta a un embarazo inesperado, no está sola. Bridge Women's Support Center está aquí para ayudarlo a conocer todas sus opciones.


Nuestro centro brinda servicio gratuito de calidad para pruebas de embarazo, referencias de ultrasonido y educación sobre el aborto.


Todos nuestros servicios son gratuitos y confidenciales. Concierte una cita hoy.

Bridge Women's Support Center



Monday - Friday

10am - 5pm

Walk-ins are welcome

Bridge Women's Support Center provides education on abortion and pregnancy options. We do not refer for or perform abortions or provide emergency contraceptives. We are not a medical facility. All our services are free and confidential. We are located in College Point,  NY.  Contact us to learn more. 

Things to Note: We provide evidence-based education on abortion pills and procedures. We are not an abortion clinic and do not perform or refer for termination services, contraceptives, or emergency contraceptives. We do not profit from your choice.

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